tweet manifesto on hip hop

To tweet something is to say a thing with such brevity that almost nothing can be completely said at all; but with the hopes that it will be read by many, you find yourself dumbing down your sentences. Or, at least I do.

In thirteen tweets, adhering to the limitations of Twitter, I speak on the matter of hip hop as it has become today from what it originally was.

1 Hip hop came up originally in the underground, where DJs introduced a new way to blend records and make for a dance party that don’t stop.

2 The place of the MC was an afterthought. The rapper as we know him blew up in that community and the poetry of street truth arose.

3 After decades of hiphop, rap music is no longer an underground movement. The street knowledge and the truth is now a manufactured product.

4 It’s one that facilitates economic gains over anything, so the production no longer nec. reflects the street. The street reflects hiphop

5 Yeah, “I done flipped a bit a work” in my time, too, but… You top40 rappers aint need to flip no work, but never shut up about it.

6 Black ppl is getting shot by police REG-EW-LAR and the prison industrial complex is alive decedent from the abomination, slavery.

7 This is the truth that needs to be said. Mainstream hiphop is an industry of uber-capitalist white men who have taken your voice.

8 See, you used to say wack MCs were anyone that wasn’t you, ‘;cause your style was that fresh. Now wack MCs are boy bands playing thug.

9 and the most realest, real shit out there is few and far between, hidden, lost in the underground, never played in clubs.

10 I’,mma conclude and let this album speak for itself, in the excess of wackness out there, this is fresh. Telephone by @noname next

11 … — in spirit, I love hiphop. But MCs are not all as profound as this and I can’t really tolerate the fakeness.

12 That said, I be dancing to any beat, uknow…. I’m not a hater. I’m just saying. A lot of y’all shit be up off an assembly line str8 up.

13 … Now make sure y’all play this shit.give it to me 2 times. Telephone by. @noname ; STOP.

I’ll embed the YouTube video from the url above.

And you should also check out her Tiny Desk Concert on NPR Music where she really shows her personality, and is so lovable. Her band is really into it and they all respect each other it looks like. They’re on tour now I think.


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