As stated, it’s a zine written by Shane Ar Edwards I, who is…

Well, it’s just another name I’ve started using. I am Shane and I guess you can find me on social media if you want to know more (or you could try just reading some of my posts).

If you want to contact me, you can also use this page.
As you can see on the right side of the menu (or possibly the left if I change web design and fail to edit this parenthetical detail) there are social media links.

Twitter is where I go when I’m bored, not at a computer, and have busted out my phone to dump spam and post utter bullshit or pree some other person’s Twitter things. For me, the restriction on character limit reduces the effectiveness of any language and results in a necessary degradation to any thought. It encourages communication with words layered on the bottom and top of jpeg files and memes and other endless things I could go on about how Twitter is a place that reduces anything I might say into an illiterate child’s poor attempt to send a text message from a T9 flip phone in 2005 — a sentence that took nearly 15 minutes to produce and which is barely comprehensible shorthand or simple things like, “Wyd” or “Ok,” which I rarely have need to share with the world at large. But, I log into it every so often.

Instagram is fun and in a way it’s merely an extension of my Dadaism to photographs of whatever things if I feel like spamming images instead of words. I’ve had the thing for several years now and it’s been in active use off and on over some time, reflecting various stages of “me” and what I’m currently doing, looking at, and sharing. It’s at times slightly personal, I suppose, so go ahead and request to follow, but if I don’t want you fi pree me, then maybe I won’t allow that request. I’m on it often enough now that I’ve given up Facebook. I sort of use it as a crutch to wean myself off the social media addiction that Facebook was for me.

My SoundCloud is called fromthefirmament and is of Dada, noise, spoken word, and other amalgamations. You’ll probably never contact me this way but you’ll find another means of my expression that crops up on occasion if you’re so inclined to listen. Doubt you can feel my vybz though and that’s, okay. They’re pretty mad vybz and I’m no, I’m not selling merch, I’m not touring, and I’m not going to ever blow up or have any form of fans. That’s the point, though. It’s not music (often), and it’s mostly always noise — subjective concepts, I suppose, but this is truly how I view it.

DadaNoise was a Tumblr blog I had a year or two ago before I decided I don’t like writing on Tumblr and have lost interest in scrolling a dashboard of reblog spam. It’s good for finding and sharing multimedia at times, but it’s a terrible place to write or blog. The user base is utterly obnoxious and anyone over the age of 22 doesn’t really belong there unless they can tolerate a large amount of youthful ignorance and insistence in how much they know about everything now that they’re freshmen in some university their parents paid for. So like, have a look but… it’s merely and early iteration of my what I want my blog to be. And that is, I need it not to be a microblog first and foremost. I need it not to be a place of shared images. I need a place to write. A lot.

I don’t fuck with any Facebook. My old account reflects a name I no longer use and I keep it only to occasionally log in, plug my works elsewhere, or find a person I lost touch with, before I log out again. To maintain this distance from the account, I made another account, which I use as a placeholder if ever Facebook is loaded in my browser so that I am not forced to look at a feed. To this end, I never add anyone, and I will occasionally use this to send messages to people who for some reason are very dependent on this ass rape of service to communicate in a most basic fashion. But hey, no judgement. Look at how much thought has gone into escaping this now necessary evil. Anyway, I’m more into services that aren’t so interested in my real life, who I am, who I know, etc. Fuck off with that shit. I almost never load up anything having to do with Facebook and loathe to have the life sucking apps on my phone at all so strictly in a private browser is ideal. Quit Facebook. I did it. You can, too.

You would think that email would be a pretty safe bet, and it might be eventually. I check it far from daily but always in the end. So, have a go if you need me.